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Trinity Metals Euro 2016 Prize Draw Spectacular

10 / 06 / 16

Weigh in during the Euro 2016 tournament for your chance to win up to £250 CA$H!!!

Every day you weigh in you get to pick out a numbered ticket from the hat. The number on the ticket will match with one of the players in the Panini Euro 2016 sticker book. If that player gets the golden boot at the end of the tournament we’ll give you £250 CA$H!!!

“But what if my player is a goal keeper?” I hear you say.

No problem, if you pick out a goal keeper you instantly win a £TENNER!!!

And that’s not all, 24 tickets in the draw are for the teams competing in the tournament. If you pick out the team that wins Euro 2016 we’ll give you £50 CA$H!!!


Everyone’s a winner at Trinity Metals.